Want to use 2 different page templates (layouts) within one blog.

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    There millions of different templates for WordPress but what I am after is that I want to have 2 different page templates (layout templates) within one WordPress blog.

    Essentially, the design (look & feel) will be the same for both layout templates. But one template, for home page and blog posts in a specific category, will use 3-column layout while blog posts in another category will use a one-column layout.

    To accomplish this do I need 2 templates?
    If yes, how that can be accomplished with one WordPress?
    If not, what is the solution to achieve this?

    Thanks a lot guys,



    It cannot be done here at wordpress.com.



    Thanks for reply.

    So what if I host my own WordPress blog on my own domain? Can it be done then?



    it can totally be done with sandbox but only if you are pretty hot on css or know somebody who is AND have the css upgrade. you would code up the one-col version of the design then use the body.home class and body.category-whatever classes to make your 3-col.

    you could do the same thing on your own domain but there you could actually change the html as well as just the css by having home.php and category-#.php

    if none of that makes sense you should host on your own domain and employ a designer.


    I keep forgetting that you can turn Sandbox into a Ferarri simply with some enterprising CSS work.

    Thanks for posting that fockingbird.

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