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    I split most of my posts and now I want to view more than one post when I click my category headings.

    The blog I need help with is nickieandcompany.wordpress.com.


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    Settings—>Reading—>”Blog pages show at most”—>Save

    That will also set the number of posts on your front page.

    Note that Chateau will show custom excerpts on your front page if you set Archive style to “Concise” under Theme Options. That means you can have quite a few posts on your front page which will load quickly.




    I figured that!
    If I change my front page to static, would that keep one post as a front page and then change the number of posts in my categories?
    Then I would change my static page every time I have a new post.


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    Chateau shows only the most recent post completely (or up to “read more” if you insert that tag—not your custom excerpt). So once you copy the code from your static page, your blog page will retain that format with your most recent post on top.

    (Note also that if you make a post “Sticky” then that one will also be complete an above your most recent post.)

    Posts and pages are completely different. Pages don’t have the SEO that pages do. Also, your readers will only be notified of a new post, not a new page.




    Ok!…Thanks a bunch!


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    You are welcome.

    I really like the custom excerpt function, and I also wish that one could set the number of posts displayed on category and archive pages independent from the number of posts displayed on the home page.

    But for me, on one of my blogs, Chateau is a decent compromise between having a full-length latest post plus a lot of fast loading options for readers to choose from.

    Happy Holidays, and happy blogging.

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