Want Twitter RSS but don’t want posts to show on blog

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    I currently have my Twitter RSS feed showing on my blog. How do I keep it but not actually show what I’m saying? I’d like it to just have the RSS link and say something like “Follow me on Twitter”.

    Thank you!


    Edit that widget and change the number of posts to 0 and see if that does it.


    You can edit the title of the RSS widget to say, “follow me on twitter” if you wish.


    I’ve tried but it seems that the least amount of posts you can have is “1”.



    Or just put a regular HTML link in a text widget, like “Follow me on Twitter” with appropriate link.





    Based on his reply to me, you have the correct answer.



    Why did I say his? I don’t know if they are a he or a she.



    Well, the whole point of an RSS feed/widget is to display something from the feed. If you don’t want the display, don’t use the feed. :)


    I’d like the link for my readers to have but I don’t want the posts to show because if I comment to someone else’s twitter post, it shows and I just think it looks strange for readers to see a post that wouldn’t make sense. You know what I mean?

    Oh ya, and I’m a “she”.


    How do I just put “regular HTML link in a text widget, like “Follow me on Twitter” with appropriate link”? Is the “appropriate link” my RSS feed link? Sorry for sounding stupid for asking.

    Thank you!



    It may look strange, but readers may be more likely to click on your feed. :D There is also a certain amount of lag time before your latest tweet shows up on your feed.



    I’m not having much luck posting code in the forums (rolleyes), but, yes, it’s the same feed you had to enter into the WordPress.com RSS widget. Just write it as a regular HTML link and put that in a text widget.


    OK, I’ll leave it as it is. Thanks for your help justjennifer. You too thesacredpath!


    You’re welcome from me.



    The appropriate link is http://twitter.com/username like mine is http://twitter.com/raincoaster. They can click on that and then follow you there. You can also put it in your Blogroll if you want.


    OK, I know I’m totally obsessing about this but I just can’t get it right. What I’d really like is a widget to simply say:

    Twittering… (as the title)
    Follow me (this needs to be click-able as a link)

    How do I get the “Follow me” to be a link and not just the html code line? If you can help, simple step-by-step instructions would be greatly appreciated because I’m still new at this.

    Thank you!



    Thanks vivianpaige – problem is now solved!

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