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Wanted: club penguin cheats

  1. defrostindoors

    They probably don't know how to operate a blog, poor thing.

  2. That's great TT. Great job having nothing better to do than to find and post a link so pedophiles lurking around here can have a new source to abuse.

  3. nosy.

  4. Raincoaster:

    Whatever you may think of Timethief, she hasn't personally attacked you, nor has she displayed the kind of venom you've just done.

    In the terminology of online forums, a troll is someone who “intentionally tries to cause disruption, often in the form of posting messages that are inflammatory, insulting, or off-topic, with the intent of provoking a reaction from others.” (source: Wikipedia)

    A troll is an attention seeker who will flame others and personally attack them over and over again no matter how many times they are admonished for doing so. A troll’s agenda is to boost his/her own ego by casting aspersions and by wasting your time. The more time you invest in dealing with the troll, the more you lose. The only effective way to deal with trolls is to delete them from your life, no questions asked. Just nuke them and move on.

  5. Ladies, step away. Both of you should transcend this by now. I understand personal hurt and personal vitriol, but it's the kind of thing that should be confined to your blogs and comment sections. And flamewars, as I have often remarked, are great for hits.

  6. hey this is soposed to be club penguin cheats, not whatever your talking about!
    no i DO have cheats! look at my site evry now and then to see more! i'm tryig to get posts on my web site! please post! thank you! and walking on the becon light sall be on it soon. bye! tucky474

  7. defrostindoors

    *sigh* I did an internet search and found 10 pages of club penguin cheats. Click on this link and you should be busy with them for the next couple of weeks..

    Bookmark this too.

  8. Just for reference, we don't make comments on other folk's spelling around here. A friendly reminder that some of us have physical issues that prevent us from operating a keyboard correctly. That and a large portion of the crowd don't speak or write English as a first language.

    Plus, I was a math major. Spelling is for those annoying, whimpy english majors. :)

  9. I was a chemistry major with a minor in Philosophy.

  10. Actually I've been kicking around hte idea of going back to school for a degree (or at least some study) in Psychology. Maybe that way I can figure out why I hang out here so much during the day. :)

    One of my clients is just finishing up her Master's in Psych. Her thesis was on why folks throw garbage out the window on the interstates. It was an interesting read.

  11. @DrMike: point us to a link for it; sounds cool

  12. Need cheats??? thousands of cp cheats if you go to

  13. we should close this thing. since there are 100 more posts with the same thing. and no ones even talking about club penguin. there should be a "talk about your degree in college" post instead of talking about it in a club penguin post . then people will find it instead of making a post with the same thing.

  14. talk about your degree in college

    Had it a long while back. Link. Went no where.

    edit: Could have sworn we had another, longer thread but you get the idea.

  15. cheat on

  16. nope

  17. ey i have cheats at my blog if u interested.

  18. do u know the bunnyhil glitch. go to the mountain walk towards the sled game bnnyhill pull up the map while walking DONT CLOSE map when the game starts wait ten seconds thenclick somewheres on ur map. when u walk towards a doorway hold down enter.

  19. best be to keep the actual cheats at your own blog, not at the forums. a link to your blog should do.

  20. come to for cp everything! here i and you and others post cheats hacks questions( answered by me!) and comments 4 cp fun!!

  21. Wanted: club penguin cheats

    Here's how to find club penguin blogs posting tips and cheats in the community using google
    club penguin tips and cheats site:

  22. Why not try my site?


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