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WANTED - new & creative writers

  1. Hey everyone! I want to start a new blogging project that gets a few new writers, that have yet to be published by a traditional company (self-published writers are welcome), together to create our adventure from brainstorm to bookshelves. Find out more at

    The blog I need help with is

  2. How much are you paying writers please?

  3. This is not a paid position. I am not recruiting employees. Please visit the blog post before asking questions.

  4. When you post a "writers wanted" thread in a forum, it's natural for people to ask about pay rates. Writing is a real job.

  5. Thanks for your comment. I am aware that writing can be a paid profession. However, in the blog post it is stated that this is an unpaid blogging project (aside from your own works sold on third party sites). Just looking for a few passionate writers who want to blog about their journey,

  6. @ericawing
    I don't click into sites looking for writers until the information I requested is provided. Thanks for answering me.

  7. Sure thing! (:

  8. I think it would be cool to form a community of virtually unknown creative writers. I do hope to eventually become a professional, paid author, but I realize that the fun in writing comes from the act itself. Consider me interested!

  9. I lol'd at your username and now people are staring at me, hah! Can you also leave a comment on the blog page? Makes it easier for me to keep track (:

  10. We have a great following started and amazing people who have signed up! Thank you all for your msgs of support!

  11. asdfkjhasjkdfh1902387123987

    You take journalists?

  12. Yup! All about the writing and creating.

  13. A little more information now. Check it out

  14. Wow, you've put some work in. I left my info. Can't wait to see what's next!

  15. There are 15 social networks and/or sites for poets and writers in this post and in the comments that may be of interest to those posting to this thread. Promoting Your Writing or Poetry Blog

  16. Great information for people looking to socialize and network. I'm looking forward to my blogging project, as it will allow people to individually get the spotlight on their journey of success. More to come. Again, thanks.

  17. Those are also great places to find writers who may be into what you are into.

  18. silvershadowfly


    Hi! I'm a budding writer/journalist, and I think it's great what you're doing. Unfortunately I won't be participating, mainly because I don't really have any finished stuff apart from poetry!

    I'll take a look at your site, but I will also suggest a creative writing forum that I'm a member of called The Inkwell It's a great little community, and a place where many members from WordPress are over on there too. =)

  19. Can someone be a writter in my website you can wright what you want as long as it's acceptable...

  20. What do you pay?

    Why did you start a blog if you don't want to write it?

    Why don't you do a photoblog or a podcast instead?

  21. @raincoaster
    I'm lol :D every time I see threads like this one. We seem to have an inflow of folks who start a free hosted blog and don't feed it. Instead then they post a thread stating they are magnanimously providing a blog for others to fill with their content. Hilarious stuff!

    I do research and writing under NDC contracts. How much are you paying?

  22. I would hope that you two understand that coolsomtastic is not affiliated with my project in any sense, and therefore your comments would not apply. Yes? I wouldn't want CrapFiction and its soon to be launched sister site, be associated with such negative (and inappropriate) comments on a public forum.

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