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Wanted: new way to indicate which---text, image (or both) one likes in a post.

  1. Let's say one posts a photograph with three lines of Haiku. Is the star a response to the photograph or the poetry?
    Does anyone have an inventive new idea (something more readily used than the comments box)?

  2. There is no way of knowing which of the two referred to the "likes". In addition to that we are aware there are insincere people, who click like buttons only for the purpose of gaining clicks back,to their own sites via their gravatar profile page.

  3. Oh, timethief---no---insincere people? Tell me it isn't so! Okay, okay, so you're reminding me. I accept. I've followed your articles for at least a year now . . . how you bring realism to sit down with idealism . . . and accept it as you say it is.
    Thanks for your thoughtful, reminding reply to my "great" idea. Maybe I'll come up with another one? I so enjoy envisioning, even when most of my idea pitches never make it across the batters plate.
    Until next time~

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