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Wanted Please - Someone willing to draw two small pictures for new awards :)

  1. Hi,
    would you be willing to draw two small pictures, to be used for awards?

    The two awards are -

    1. The Brave Heart Award : hope to have a lion picture;
    It's given for all kinds of courage and overcoming different adversities of life.

    2. The Helping Hand Award : hope to have a hand picture (lol);
    It's given for helping, other humans, animals, the earth etc.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Sure. Dimensions?

  3. Thankyou Jim
    the same/similar size as this please,
    sorry I can't get the picture to appear here -

    silmilar to this please

  4. :o Oops jm not Jim sorry

  5. [IMG][/IMG]

  6. The braveheart one

    If you dont like it thats ok. Just whipped it up.

  7. Jarrod it's brilliant!! Thankyou so very very much
    I will of course give you full credit for it and make all the links
    to your blog to show that you created it
    Big smiles here, thankyou :D

  8. After drawing little gold paws for a while...
    I discovered the Windows Paint programme :)
    and made a little Rainbow hand;

    If anyone wants to copy both/either award picture to give to someone,
    please feel free to do so :)

  9. plasticdaffodils

    Nice Dove! I once made my own blog awards too.

  10. @ P.D -
    There's no keeping us creative types down is there :)

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