Wanted: Themes with BIGGER FONTS!

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    There are lots of themes on WordPress.com – different colours, layouts, flowers, no-flowers, serifs, no serifs, etc. There are none with a slightly bigger font.

    Some of us write for readers.

    That is, we write for readers who may not have 20/20 vision. We don’t expect them to press their noses against their screens to read our text, and why should we? We aren’t writing academic theses, we aren’t blogging the constitution or tomes of legal gazettes, we’re blasting out short tracts of text. A slightly bigger font can be afforded.

    Yes, I know that I can buy a CSS upgrade and I know that most browsers support font-zooming, I just think it would be nice if a few of the default themes catered for people who like their sans-serif fonts to have something to hold on to, in bed.

    This, my comrades, is the age of the widescreen.



    I think both MistyLook and Cutline feature reasonable font sizes; they’re not extra large, but they’re large enough for most people to read. You might like to have a look at them. You can also change the font size manually without using the CSS upgrade; this FAQ has the instructions. Hope that helps.



    One of the reasons I chose to use Cutline was for this very reason. (And the worst IMNSHO for visually challenged readers are the “dark” themes with lighter letters.)


    I use Garland for this reason, nice readable font. It’s also a slick theme. I can’t say how I’ll stick with it, but it’s great.


    One thing to remember is that each browser has the ability to increase and decrease font sizes. It’s typically under the view menu.



    I came to the forum to start a topic about this exact same issue. I think the themes need a serious revision. Most themes have such tiny fonts it’s enerving. How can the date of a post or the categories/tags information be actually bigger or have more visibility than the content of the post itself? It doesn’t make any sense. Others themes make text unreadable for the poor use of colors — font and background colors. And here I thought all these things were something that WordPress was rather serious about, at least that’s what the Codex says on releasing themes to the public. This is a simple issue — we’re not talking the holy grail of web design here. It’s about being able to READ. And if we have to pay for custom CSS to just be able to READ, sorry, but I’d just rather go somewhere else and get the same for free. I know how to resize text in my browser. But do I have to? Does everybody have to? I don’t think so. I was extremely excited when WordPress.com came up. I waited a few years, the themes multiplied in number, but, unfortunately, not in quality. I’m not angry. I’d just appreciate very much if the people behind WordPress.com would give this matter the consideration it deserves. Thank you.



    Some of the themes (particularly the dark ones) aren’t all that readable, but there are still themes which are good too; Cutline and Garland are very legible, and Connections and Journalist are both quite clear. As I said above, if you do want to make the text bigger you can do it without the CSS upgrade; you just need to make a couple of changes in the code editor.

    If you have any suggestions for more readable themes or any changes, the best thing to do is to suggest them to staff; they keep track of all suggestions. The thread below is a good place to suggest new themes and you can contact staff through the support link once it opens in a couple of hours. Hope that helps.



    You can change your font in most browsers by holding control and using the scroll wheel on your mouse up and down…..



    Agreed, you can increase your font size by going to the view menu, or you can hit Ctrl and the + sign to increase fonts. Firefox also gives you the ability to disable font colors and choose a default color that overrides any webpage design. On Windows if using Firefox, Tools > Preferences > Content tab > Colors > Make sure the box near the text “Allow pages to choose their own colors…” is UNchecked.

    And if you prefer your browser to show certain texts, Tools > Preferences > Content tab > Advanced Tab > uncheck that box there so only your fonts are always displayed.

    If you’re on Linux or Mac, the Preferences is under the Edit menu.

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