Wanted to self host. I made a mistake.

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    My blogger based blog ran into issues and was closed. Long story and I;m not going to rehash it. Anyway I decided to come to wordpress and start over. My thought was to be very strict about content copyright and go with a few adds. After purchasing the domain name I realized that that’s not possible her. Entirely my fault. What I’ve learned is that to do what I want to do then I should self host. I have very few posts so it would be a simple matter of letting this blog die and just move on and start over. However I kike the name and want to keep it. Is it worth the trouble? I’m not intimidated but I don’t think I have the aptitude. For example, I went to Bluehost (a recommended host on the WordPress.org site) and started to sign up. It asked me if I had a domain name which I do. But from all the reading I’ve done I still don’t know if detaching it from wordpress is possible. I get the impression that it has to stay here and I have to pay to have it linked through to mu new host? If this is correct can I say that I “own” a domain name when registering or do in fact ned an alternate name for the ol name to link through to.

    More confused than ever. I wish I had started from scratch and just used wordpress to set up my self hosted blog. I actually understanf THAT procedure. I’m sort of stuck. Any advice or direction to a how-to site for this noob much appreciated

    The blog I need help with is motorcyclephotooftheday.com.




    You’re welcome to keep your domain with us and update the nameservers to point to your hosting provider by following this guide: http://en.support.wordpress.com/domain-mapping/domain-management/#update-nameservers

    After 60 days from the date of purchase, renewal, or nameserver change, you may also transfer your domain to another registrar: http://en.support.wordpress.com/domain-mapping/domain-management/#transfer-to-another-registrar

    We can also cancel your domain for you, but it won’t be available for purchase again for about a month, at which time it will be back on the open market.

    If you’d like to cancel it, please contact us before January 6th via http://en.support.wordpress.com/contact/


    Wow I was tired when I wrote that. I’m usually not such a bad speller. Thanks for the response. I guess I’ll do my homework and get everything moved over to an outside host. Not a fun chore. Shame on me for rushing I guess.


    When you wrote :You’re welcome to keep your domain with us and update the nameservers to point to your hosting provider by following this guide::

    One thing I don’t understand, does this mean that I need to register under a different domain name (over on godaddy or wherever). for example: “placeholder.com” and then point my “motorcyclephotooftheday.com” from wordpress to that domain? or can I say when registering over there that I “already own” a domain name. This is where I’m confused and can’t seem o find an answer.

    Sorry for the noobishness…



    You keep your name here

    When you go to a host you tell them you already have a name registered (this is common by the way – I have two mapped domains on WordPress.COM and neither is registered with WordPress.COM)

    Once you have your new site set up and ready to go then you come back here and change the name-servers to point to your new host. then set your site here “Private” after the move settles down (24 to 72 hours for all the routers to change across the world) – Google does not like duplicate content so that is why setting to Private works and that keeps the name you have registered here (morotcyclewhatever.wordpress.com) OK – if you delete the free name here you can never use it again –

    Hope this helps and does not add a new level of confusion.

    good luck


    I’m still studying the nuts and bolts but I think I’ve got what you’re saying. Tell the new host (godaddy or whoever) that I own the name motorcyclexxx.com. I get the new self hosted site set up and once I’ve got it ready for prime time I tell wordpress and they then re-direct all hits that used to come here to my new self hosted site.

    To throw out a few more…
    I intend to use wordpress software to set up the self hosted site so it “should” look very close to what I have now on wordpress?? (and none of my readers should be the wiser?) I’m wondering, what happens to the photo’s that I’ve posted on wordpress? Do I need to migrate and re-link them?



    You got most of it!!

    You can change where the name-servers point by yourself – we have good instructions on how to – Staff will help if you get confused.

    You export your content from here and import it into your new blog. The photos should transfer with the rest of things.

    Your visitors should not see much difference if you use the same Theme – I moved mine a few months ago and the different Theme was about the only difference – I did have some link problems because of the structure of my self hosted site that I moved here.

    Some differences – .ORG has no built in contact form – you need a Plug-in for that – your followers will need to resubscribe if you have an email list –

    There are instuctions both here and on timethief’s site – http://onecoolsitebloggingtips.com/2010/11/06/setting-up-a-self-hosted-wordpress-org-install/

    She has some other guides but I have misplaced the link – with some luck she will stop by with some more help. You will also need to make friends at WordPress.ORG for help as the support for self hosted sites is handled at their Forum


    Think I’ve got it now! I’m not quite ready but I’ll get it done this week. Thanks very much for your patience everyone.

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