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Wanted: Women Bloggers

  1. My blog is something new for me I've started writing poetry, it looks good to me lol but I can't tell if it's worth pursuing, actually I've only done one serious poem so far, the others are humourous frogs (ribbit) but "come sweet melancholy" is a serious attempt to talk through the actual experience of exceeding in a lovely tasteful way, I don't know if it really works. The hits are gradually going up day by day which is encouraging. the froggies are fun

  2. Great stuff there gentle dove. I will check that out!

  3. Just in case you wanna make it 'top 11 best women bloggers', you can add me on your list... the 12th, maybe?

  4. I am a woman and I blog although am a newbie.

  5. Hello to all,

    I'm a Ilienne (a she-islander). I am Malagasy (from Madagascar). I am a WP rookie. My blogging is about what is said on my Header: "Musings and recollected memories of a cool Madagascar gal with a Continental touch".
    My blog is less than a month, that makes me not eligible to your project, I guess ? yet, I wanted to join the thread to introduce myself.

  6. Hello to all,

    I'm a Ilienne (a she-islander). I am Malagasy (from Madagascar). I am a WP rookie. My blogging is about what is said on my Header: "A cool Madagascar gal with a Continental touch: Musings and recollected memories".
    My blog is less than a month, that makes me not eligible to your project, I guess ? Yet, I wanted to join the thread (and the fun) to introduce myself.

    My ovaries are still intact... and I blog

    Regards from Madagascar

  7. Well, I'm a woman, and I blog!

    My blog is about a plethora of things -- work, life, ideas, people -- but I do it in a pretty conversational tone, I think. I like to encourage discussion, and hear what other people think about things -- I find it fascinating. I'd love for you to check it out!!

    PS -- Great idea! =)

  8. theres a bunch of women over at who wax anything but their legs, but mainly lyrical....

  9. mysterycreature1

    I'm going to add my blog to this page simply becuas it's always great to have an oppurtunity to get people to giv feedback on your blog. I'm quite new and generally write about a variety to things.. but occasionally I put video's of fainting goats on lol.

    I can see there are a lot of excellent blogs up there already!

    Just click my name or the link below :)

  10. mysterycreature1

    Of course, I find it makes a better impression to spell things (such as because) correctly....


  11. Ohhh... sorry for not responding right away in this topic... I was off on blogging for more than a month for a very special mission to help others in need... Really, it's great to see you all here and introducing your blog. I wrote my first blog post for this month just NOW so, keep an eye, maybe soon i will be posting another female bloggers in my blog. :-)

    And Merci tres beaucoup to all!

  12. Thanks for featuring women bloggers. And your important work in the world. As you have some interest in photography and travel also perhaps you would like to have a look at my blog on those subjects Many photos of India and the Himalayan regions as well as other places.

  13. Got a contest here for US and Canadian women interested in winning makeup:

  14. Make up, Ugh. No. But I did just have a publisher send me my first free book to review on the blog!!!

  15. Sweet! Swag is the shizznit!

  16. Uh...that appears to be a suspiciously spammy link.

  17. well..I am female. And I am far more interested in membracids bugs than make-up.

  18. I am interested in keeping membracid's bugs out of my makeup.

  19. I tought they squashed membracids bugs to make make up

  20. sometimes, actually, they do.

    beware of what's in your lipstick!

  21. Grrr....I am debating on how much I should spill on my blog. I like to have fun and want that to reflect in my blog. I haven't saved lives or anything yet. I am seriousy and dedicated but like to have fun. And I have only posted 4 blogs. =(

  22. mmm, ovaries~

    I started wordpress 2/3 days ago! Having loads of fun blogging :)
    The majority of people in WP are men aren't they? I figured when the most reffered tag was "Boobs"

  23. Hi ~ just started my blog today & this is my first post in the forum so a lot of firsts today. With everyone talking about blogs I really had no idea what they were so I decided to figure a little something out about them. Have enjoyed the day and am sure I will enjoy many more clacking away about My Lucid Karma. If any one you would like to stop in please do:

    As I said this is all new and I am figuring it out as I go but I extend the invite and look forward to getting acquainted with others and what they share.

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