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    Hey guys,

    First off Merry Christmas!. Ok so I wanted was to have a website and have my blog on it. So I signed up for an account here on WordPress.com not knowing that I should have signed up on WordPress.org. Keep in mind that I paid the 17.00 for the domain. I then signed up for web hosting with Hostgator and instead of setting up a new domain name, I typed in my WordPress.com web address as an existing domain (reelmoviehype.com) Ok so now I have my web host on a blog that I don’t even want. I did this before knowing that I could have easily set the WordPress.org blog on Hostgator. So I kind of did everything backwards. My question now is can I delete the blog– set up at WordPress.com– and set up one using WordPress.org/Hostgator? Or is there an easier way going about this. Keep in mind that the domain name set up at Hostgator is also the same domain name I set up at WordPress.com. Help please.

    The blog I need help with is reelmoviehype.com.


    Ok so I’ve though this out. I think I’m going to delete the web domain and web host at Hostgator (I’ll get my money back as well) and then is there away the support system could delete my WordPress.com blog (reelmoviehype.com)? I started it yesterday night. So I’m not sure if I’m still eligible for the refund of 17.00 dollars. Then I’ll sign up for a new account at hostgator and restart.



    Don’t delete reelmoviehype.wordpress.com because the URL will be gone forever and not even you can use it – just set it to “Private” – you might be able to cancel and re-register your realmoviehype.com name but that is the hard way and will take a while for the name to be released and put back into the name pool – and you are inside the ICAN internet 60 day rules against transferring the registration – just go into your Domain Management here and point the name servers to your Hostgator site (Hostgator will have the name-server info for you). Then apply for a refund on your Domain Mapping – the $ 5– registration is about as cheap as you can find anywhere.

    This should help on the Domain Management: http://en.support.wordpress.com/domain-mapping/domain-management/

    I think there is a 2 day refund window so you need to contact support and ask for the refund – they are on break but if you get the request in the have been looking in the Forums also to work problems like yours.


    Good luck and let us know when you have applied for the refund an we can flag this thread for the attention of the staff when they look in.

    hope this helps – you were trying to make things a bit more complex than required.

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