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Wanting Image on left of Content box (Sidebar on right)

  1. My sidebar is on the right side, but I want to visually balance it by putting a gif image on the left side of the content box (not inside the content box). How do I place a vertical gif image to align directly to the left of my content area?

  2. Content box meaning where you post? If you bought the CSS upgrade you could add the image to the template and then it would be there automatically. But otherwise, you could add it by yourself whenever you post a new post. Is this what you meant?

  3. If you right click somewhere in the menu area and view image you will see the bg graphic. That could be altered / replaced for the effect you need. With your graphics skills it should be a doddle. Good luck. :)

  4. Thank you both, but my dilemma is that I don't yet understand how to manipulate the various "spaces", ie, I actually want to put an image in the "left margin space", yet I want the image to be flush against the left side of the middle comment box, but not 'inside' of the comment box. But if the "margin" fluctuates depending on the browser and on a person's screen resolution & whether or not they are partially collapsing their window, so how do I get an image inside the margin, where it doesn't conflict with my header image, nor the position of my content box? CSS code still looks a lot like Greek to me. I can decifer small parts of it, but the majority looks like gobbledy-gook.

    Anyone who can help me out on this I will become an eternally devoted reader of your blog ... ;-)

  5. In fact, I'm so new that I'm calling the middle box the "comment box", but it might actually be called something entirely different, ha ha !! When I say "comment box" I'm referring to the main area where I write the blog. :-)

  6. This can all be done by tweaking that graphic as I suggested.

  7. ha ha, I have no problems with the graphics end of things. It's the CSS coding side of things that baffles me. I need to know "what code" to put "where" to insert a graphic (that I've already made)to sit flush against the left outer side (in the background blue margin), directly next to the blog window (it will in essence mirror the right hand 'sidebar', but I don't want it to actually be a sidebar. I'm happy where the sidebar is, but I want a graphic on the left hand side to give some balance to the appearance of the page. Somehow it seems to appear like the right side is more prominent than the left and I want to balance out the appearance of the page ... hope this makes sense. :-)

  8. At the moment the graphic is set up in your CSS in #wrapper with repeat-y. Have a look. That is the image to alter. Because you are hosted here we can not edit your templates. Hence we can not add the additional mark up to accomodate a seperate graphic for the left side. Nevertheless, this is an opportunity to do the change you want in a neat and semantic way. What you want to end up with is a very thin bg graphic. The right bit is the sidebar. The centre is the content. The left is your new fancy bit. That single graphic in place of the one you have (use the same file name) will do it. Trust me. I am a designer. :)

  9. Yes, I've noticed the gif you are referring to, which provides the color for the blog box, the sidebar and the thin dark border left of the blog box. It is a repeating gif, but it is only 1px in height, (its dimension is 760px Width x 1px Height). It repeats continually in along the "Y" axis to make it appear as though the blog area and sidebar is a solid continuous space.

    This of course would not work for a graphic because in order to create a workable design, the height would need to be at least 250 pixels and I don't want it to be an image that has to repeat (otherwise it becomes an eye sore, ha ha). Any CSS code I write overrides the original template, so is it possible for me to create a new mark up that would turn the left margin into a new region without messing up the alignment of the other elements?

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