Wanting to know if thsi is possible regarding categories.

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    Hello, just a quick question to see if this is possible to do.

    The theme we use for our blog displays previews of every post and lists them in ‘most recent’ order down the page. this is exactly how we want it, however the more blogs we write up the harder it will be to find anything.

    If you have a.quick look at out main page you will see what I mean.

    What we would like to do, if possible, is keep the first two lines as the ‘most recent blogs’ (this I know how to do)

    Then under these we would like 2-4 category headers that we can then put certain posts in (pubs, trips, podcasts ect)

    Now the theme does support putting a widget in each of the four bottom sections.

    Is there a way to have 3-4 categories in these spaces, with the header being the latest blog in that category? So a ‘Pubs’ Category, will have all blogs relating to blogs, with the header image to select that category the latest blog on ‘Pubs’?

    The blog I need help with is pubcask.wordpress.com.



    Also, second question. I’ve searched the Suburbia forum and don’t think its possible, but will just check. It already has one menu down the left hand side, is it possible to add a second banner menu across the top?



    Use a Custom Menu and link to the category pages with it.



    Thats what I was thinking, however they would still be displayed by just a text link, at the side menu of my theme. I would like to try and make them look as if they are more part of the main page.

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