Wanting to purchase an upgrade for domain name

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    I am trying to take the url wordpress out of my domain. I followed the faq instructions but when I click on go to domain it gives me a many intructions I do not understand can you give me any help at all please. Thanks



    Did you have a chance to read through all the FAQ’s on domain mapping. What part did you have a problem with exactly? Do you have some more specific questions as the FAQ’s are pretty straight forward. I admit, it isn’t the easiest of subjects to understand :)




    Trent, a LOT of people are having problems with it this weekend. There are two or three threads on it.

    There is no button for purchasing the upgrade, none. I know I did this a couple of days ago with no problem, but for the life of me I can’t understand how I got round that part.



    Thanks Rain. Noticed that myself as I read on and let staff know again about this.




    I don’t want to start a new thread so I am going to post into this one.

    I am also having the same problem. I am trying to get my own domain. And, if I read correctly, it all comes up to $15, is that correct?

    I’ve gone to ‘settings’, then to ‘Domain’ and it asks me to add a domain in the space provided. I have entered ‘savetheoc.com’ many times and it takes me to a new page where it says:

    Domain mapping is available for 10 credits per domain per year, registration not included. You have 0 credits. You will have to purchase additional credits via PayPal. Note that some forms of payment (eChecks) may take several days to process.

    Possible problem with savetheoc.com
    We were unable to verify that savetheoc.com is pointing to WordPress.com. If you own this domain, follow the directions below to get it ready for your blog. If you don’t own it, try a different name to see if something else is available. If the domain is available, you may be able to register it with another registrar and then map it to your blog.

    How to fix it
    Using the DNS tools provided by your domain registrar, remove any existing nameservers and add the following:

    Then come back here and try again. It may take several hours for our system to recognize the changes.”

    And at the bottom of the page it says “try Again”, and that does nothing. I don’t know where to purchase the credits or anything, it’s pretty confusing. Any advice?



    I’m having the same EXACT problem savetheoc. Maybe it’s just a problem with the system and will be fixed when we can get some support tomorrow.



    Yes, a lot of people are having the exact same problem. It’s been reported to staff, so hopefully it’ll be solved soon. They WANT you to spend money on upgrades!


    Whenever i click on domains it take forever to load what is the prblem!!!



    What browser and version are you using?


    I had that problem on Friday, but it’s not happening now. Sounds like it was buggy.

    Today I bought my domain name, and it does redirect to my blog. But when my blog comes up, it still says wordpress. Does that just take a little time to shake out, or did I miss a step somewhere?



    It can take a day or so. What are the relative URLs?


    It’s http://pdxknitterati.com pointing to http://pdxknitterati.wordpress.com

    I only did it a few minutes ago; good to know that it can take a day or so. I just wanted to make sure I didn’t miss something!




    pdx – have you used the “Put blog here” function? In your dashboard go to upgrades>domains and make sure that your .com url has beside it “Your blog URL.” If it shows “Put blog here” you want to click that.


    I haven’t used the “Put blog here” function; I thought it was already there. So I’ll try that. But for some reason, WP isn’t letting me into my dashboard. I can write and manage posts, but I can’t get to that dashboard page.


    PS: The “put blog here” was sitting next to the pdxknitterati.wordpress.com url, not the pdxknitterati.com url. Sorry to be so dense about this; I’m learning a lot of new things, suddenly.



    Then you should be OK once everything catches up.


    It worked! thank you.



    I’m having the same issue as savetheoc — it says you need to buy credits once you start the domain process, but where’s the button to do that? I can’t find any general “buy credits” page. I assume that exists somewhere? Should I just give them as a gift to myself? That seems silly.



    Same question as jaseroberts. Where is the purchase credits page?



    It appears to be disabled on the weekends, so try again in twelve hours or so.

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