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    I’m using WordPress to host a blog about my boyfriend and I before we get married. I’ve created several pages like: how the plans are progressing, what there is to do in our town, how we met, etc. What I’d like to do is to be able to put chronological posts under each page. Is this possible? Do I need to upgrade to do this? I want people to be able to come to the blog and get organized information without being totally confused. (Is this something that sticky posts would solve?… Still not clear how those work either!) Help!

    The blog I need help with is mimian.wordpress.com.



    This is not possible. A Page is really just one big Post; you can edit a Page to update it but it will not show up as a New Post. What you should do is create Categories of each of the things you created Pages for. When you add a new Post choose the correct Category for that post. Then add the Category Cloud widget to make it easy for people to see the Category names and find the ones with the most information under them.

    There is a lot of info in this in FAQs and the Forums. But want you want to do you cannot.



    You can also make a collection of links to your posts, organized by topic, and make that post a “sticky,” so it’s the first thing visitors see. It’s a bit of work to set it up, but you’ll have a table of contents that guides your readers to your material. But using categories is far easier.


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    Is this you:
    http://mimian.wordpress.com/ ???
    (It’s best to always make a link to the blog you are asking about)

    You want a blog, or more exactly a website for a short term, to tell friends and family about how you and the love of your life me and will be married in the near future.

    Set up a static front/home page with links to pages of the topics “how the plans are progressing, what there is to do in our town, how we met, etc.’

    Make pages for each of them
    how the plans are progressing
    what there is to do
    how we met

    Post your information on each page using the next page function. One “page” per date.

    On your static front page you can even put links to each of those dated updated pages.

    Hope this helps.


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    I don’t know that I’m being clear. Each of those “next page” links has a link to a page you can link to. And any or all or them can be listed on your static front page.

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