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Wants to get back my

  1. i deleted my
    i regret for my action so much
    and i want to get this blog again please give me this again
    do me a favor

  2. It's unlikely that they will do this, but you can contact staff with a Feedback and ask them. Why not just start a new blog with a similar name?

  3. i just have put my request in feedback
    because this solongo name is really important for me
    that is why
    i hope this can be done

  4. matt accepted my request
    and give it to me back
    thanks matt :)

  5. is that true? i thought it is a strict policy that all deleted accounts cannot be reused again...

  6. but this one was originally registered by the same user. Maybe that's the loophole?

  7. i'm just wondering why they used to enforce the policy, when in truth there can be special cases like this one. so does that mean people in the same situation can get their blogs back from now on?

  8. The impression I always got was that they didn't allow name recycling because they couldn't be bothered to delete the original account in order to make it available for re-registration. Now the site has grown, it's in their interests to clear the servers of unused junk and free up the space for new users.

  9. maybe Mark was in a good mood. :)

  10. ~Sulz: me too. I'm Very surprised. I haven't seen that happen --ever.... (Guess Podz was right, the "delete" button isn't so scary.)

  11. In most cases I've seen, the request to use a particular URL comes from someone other than the original user, or after a length of time much more significant than this. Maybe Dr Mike is right, but I for one would not ever bet on this happening again. Remember Murphy's Law.

  12. Kind of wondering actually as well because the User delete function does actually remove the database tables from the database. To do an undelete, someone does actually have to dig in the backups.

  13. Did they do an undelete or just let him re-register the username? I don't see any old content on the blog.

  14. i saw only one post, which could be the default first post everybody has when starting up a new blog. doesn't seem like the blog's that important...

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