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  1. Hello. Is there any way to make a post using wap? I already know about but when i make a post it adds about 5-6 posts, don't know why. Hmmm can we post by e-mail? I didn't find anything about this in the FAQ :(

  2. drmike says the forum search box is your friend - Voila!Posting by email is planned but has not yet been implemented.

    My crystal ball is out for servicing *lol* so what is "wap"? Please provide a link, description or an example. :)

  3. then you should also know wikipedia is your friend :P

    i only search for wap, that's why i didn't find it :(

  4. We have a number of folks using their mobile phones to post. Maybe one of them can speak up.

    Might help us help you if you told us what you were doing to make a post. You don't give us a whole lot to go one with your issue.

    edit: And please note that Wikipedia is not loved by everybody. Staff there has a history of ignoring cease and desist requests for the usage of copyrighted material.

    I belive TT was answering the last half of your question.

  5. here is what happens when i post from my phone using "data will be redirected to another server" ... and it asks for my confirmation a few times, and then my post appears 5-6 times on my blog

    i just found a way to avoid this... i only allow it the first time, still... it shouldn't work like that

  6. @icehot
    I think you can guess why volunteers on the forum, who are multi-tasking from work or doing their own blogging, while they helping others will not appreciate taking the time to whiz off to wikipedia, unless the blogger is a very green newbie. :) If the blogger has been around for awhile we begin to expect a link to what's being referred to. ;)

    I answered the last part of your question because it struck me that this had been discussed many times before and there had to be something in the search box on this. I also remembered at one point not long ago Matt mentioned that an email to blog option would be available in the future as a paid option.

  7. ok, thank you :)

  8. You're welcome. :)

    But drmike says we have a number of folks using their mobile phones to post. Maybe one of them can speak up, please.

  9. I can't with mine so I can't help.

  10. i just tried with another phone and the same thing happens, because of the redirect, so a solution would be for the not to redirect i guess....

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