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    One of my posts just got a comment regarding something called a WAP format? What is this? Is there anything I can do to accommodate it (–or how should io answer this one?) Any advice you might provide would be VERY much appreciated. Thank Y
    ou–Leo Buck

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    How come you do not have your site viewable in wap format? Can not view anything in my netbook.
    Blog url: http://buckingtrends.wordpress.com/



    Wireless Application Protocol = WAP
    Please see:
    Themes » Mobile Themes
    Onswipe Theme for iPad
    Apps for WordPress.com


    I got the same thing, too, but assumed it was spam since my settings are already adjusted for phone viewing.

    Go to Appearance>Mobile Options. Check to make sure you’ve enabled this option. Test it out on a phone just in case to see how it works.



    I did too, and also assumed it was spam. Same comment as top post from leobuck. I’m going to presume they are all spam since the messages are identical.




    That’s spam.

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