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warning alert error

  1. I'd like to inform you that there is an empty warning alert onto glotpress france
    tchuss ;-)

  2. lilmaoz: could you please post a link to the page where you are getting a warning alert? I checked and it looked fine.

  3. Hello Jenia! Oops!, sorry I didn't specify.
    It's happening on to the main screen
    Many thanks. Have a nice day :)

  4. It's a mystery!
    Clicking the red link alert leads to: "No translations found!"
    And the same here goes straight to the french translation
    Sorry I can't show better.

  5. ?

  6. The warning should be gone now (it was for a hidden string). Sorry about this confusing mystery!

  7. It's perfect ;)
    Thank you very much, Jenia.

  8. I have the same problem in Persian, but for a waiting string.

  9. irdb: could you please let me know the link to the string that is causing you issues, and I'll do my best to resolve?

  10. Well, the only link I have is:
    which (at the moment) leads to nothing!
    Do you remember how you solved @lilmaouz's problem? cause I think this one is pretty much the same.

  11. Got it. It was for a hidden string, now should only show those strings that are awaiting validator's approval.

  12. Thank you! jenia

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