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warning at dashboard

  1. i found this warning in my dashboard and Im kind of scared why it is there

    it is

    Warning: We have a concern about some of the content on your blog. Please contact us as soon as possible to resolve the issue.

    what could be the possible reason for this ? ?

  2. a similar warning is found in my write post section too...

  3. Volunteers in the forum have no idea. Contact support.

  4. It could be any number of things, but we're not privy to the details. Don't delay contacting support.

  5. i have contacted them but i dunno how they gonna contact me back

  6. your email that you provide during sign up

  7. I forgot to mention if you have changed your email
    since sign up the most likely they will contact you
    through your email you updated in your profile...

  8. It is extremely rare that we would email anyone. I think I have sent maybe 2 such emails in over 2 years.

    If anyone ever emails and says it is from us you should contact us directly and ignore the email.

  9. What do you mean by "such emails"? Dont you email back people after they've contacted you at support [the domain] ? I have received loads of "such emails"... If you warn this person and he contacts you through suport, won't he receive something through email as an answer? How else are you going to communicate with him? Im really confused...

  10. I will not contact someone direct.
    gamehq seemed to be implying that I would find the email and send one,
    That is not the case.

    And if you email Support you should expect a reply.

  11. I would assume if they have access to leave messages on his dashboard, they could leave others there as well.

  12. This happened to me a few weeks ago. I received the same message on my dashboard, so I contacted support immediately to ask about it. I received a <B>reply</B> from support to the email address I have listed in my blog as my contact. We were then able to continue email correspondence to sort out the reason for the warning, which in my case, turned out to be just a bit of confusion. It was all straightened up and I continue to be a happy WP camper.

    The advice to contact support immediately is the smartest move. They will not (as Mark points out) seek out the blogger via email... that's why they place the warning on the blogger's dashboard where it's plainly visible. With millions of blogs, it would be unreasonable to expect them to look us up.

    Bottom line is not to ignore those warnings. They don't always mean doom, they just mean you need to contact them. ;-)

  13. The dashboard messages left would be from a staff member. That would warrant having you send staff an email about your site. I think what mark is saying is that they will not send you an email, but rather leave a note in your dashbard. They will reply to your email though.


  14. sssjvsss, stated above my post

    i have contacted them but i dunno how they gonna contact me back

    I was simply replying to his post to let him know that he should see
    a email reply since he contacted staff through the support domain

    @ mark sorry if it came across that you directly email them
    because that was not my intentions

  15. Ok lol thanks everybody. When gamehq answered I understood he meant they would reply to his request, especially as "sssjvsss" said that he wrote to them but he had no idea how they would contact him. So I thought gamehq meant "well on your email address", and that mark was like "we never send emails out" lol. Ok I understand that you wont just look out for our emails. thanks again everyone

  16. @gamehp I had another screen I had not seen your answer. Yeah exactly, thats what I understood too. Cool.

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