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  1. WordPress has posted a warning notice on my dashboard, stating that " we have a concern about some of the content on your blog. Please contact us as soon as possible to resolve the issue and re-enable posting."

    I saw this notice yesterday and emailed them immediately. I also sent them numerous emails today, and I still haven't received a reply. At the moment my site is still up, but I am unable to submit new posts. I just want to know what the problem is so that I can rectify it.

    How long does it normally take for customer service dept to respond to their customers?

  2. Posting to the forums is not going to help you're case
    we can't do anything because we are volunteers... You're going to have to
    contact staff and wait for there reply...

  3. I've already sent several messages to contact support (as I stated above).
    I was just wondering how long on estimation does it take for customer supprt to respond. That was all!

  4. No one can say how long there going to take to respond to you..
    Like I stated before the [volunteers in theses forums will not
    have a answer for you]
    ... :)

  5. Emailing support is, as I understand it, not the way to get their attention. I believe there are prompts in the message to contact staff via your Dashboard (I could be mistaken). Emails generally-speaking are the second least-effective way to contact staff, posting in the forums being the least-effective.

    Given that they're not officially at work on the weekends, it could be Monday or Tuesday before they re-contact you, assuming you followed instructions to the letter.

  6. I'm having an issue with this. And I've tried to contact support numerous times and no one has gotten back with me.

  7. I got a response in 1 hour, and my issue was solved. You have to use the link they provide to a email post form. Don't try to contact through regular email. I'm not a blogging pro, I'm telling you what worked for me. Good luck.

  8. I've just logged in and had a similar message appear. Does anyone know what content they might be likely to be concerned about?? This is my first blog and I read all the rules carefully before I began and I'm really worried about this now.

  9. Answers will be sent within 2 hours from now.

    And these messages have links to the ters of service etc. Please read those links - it should then be obvious.

  10. vialdana - if you read the links you would know.

    thatsthatish - the RIAA caused yours to happen.

    madnews - the RIAA caused yours too but you have fixed it.

    We don't do these things for fun - you did read the terms of service?

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