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Warning Google Buzz - Privacy Flaw

  1. There is a huge privacy flaw in Google's new Twitter/Facebook competitor, Google Buzz. Read about it and what to do here >

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  3. lol ... :D

  4. unknownwpressuser

    haha actually am loving buzz it's really kool I like it better than twitter

  5. shesboxingclever

    Timethief, did you just get slapped by a bot?
    Pretty informative article. My first reaction was, So? An honest person would have nothing to worry about, being honest, I wouldn't much care. And since you are able to opt-out eventually, rather quickly in fact, I didn't see the problem. But, then I sat and thought on it a moment, and it's not really what information YOU leave available, but what OTHERS leave available about you on their profiles. My third thought was of my kids, who are pretty net savvy and follow the rules, who might have this choice taken away from them should friends of theirs fail to opt-out. Google's refusal to fix the problem makes me wonder if they have an agenda.

  6. Thanks, TimeThief, for the usual helpful post.


  7. @John
    Here's a tip -> You will note the lack of signature link dropping in the support forums here at We can link our usernames to our blogs but we cannot link drop.

    > Dashboard > Users > Your Profile -> scroll down to 'contact info'. In the spot where it says 'website' fill in the address ie. the complete URL of your blog. Then click ‘Update Profile‘.

  8. Update: Google has addressed the problem with Buzz.

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