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    im not sure if you will help me out with this… but i have received a warning in my blog..

    i actually have trouble publishing and i cant even upload an image… the warning says…

    We have a concern about some of the content on your blog. Please click here to contact us as soon as possible to resolve the issue and re-enable posting.

    I just hope that it can be resolved so i can also go back to my regular posting.


    Click on the link on the warning message and contact staff. None of the volunteers here in the forums will be able to tell you what the concern is. We do not know.



    hi sacredpath.. thanks for the reply. but i actually click that link to detail the problem so that it can immediately reach the support team. But i have not received any reply from them and the warning is still there.

    i again sent a mail to them this morning thru the link they have provided in the warning message. hoping to get a reply and resolve this matter.



    Then I think you need to wait a little more. Staff are generally prompt, but naturally your priorities and theirs will diverge on this issue.



    Sorry for that – and it is fixed.
    It was one of the measures we use to catch spammers and it was a little too sensitive. Sorry for the trouble and delay fixing.



    thanks so much Mark!!!

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