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warning message

  1. why i kept getting a warning message when i link my blog link from my website

    is there a fix to stop getting this for other people?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There is no www in URLs. Try it without the www and see what happens.

  3. Every site works without WWW prefixed. Also, WWW has no connection with this error whatsoever.

    Do you have any Anti Virus installed? Also try using another browser. Chrome might have blacklisted your websites for one reason or another.

  4. www does not redirect in all cases. I've experienced this myself. Enter a www URL and get a 404. Enter it without and you do not get a 404.

  5. you mean i have to change the hyperlink on my web editor without www?

  6. but i put and still getting that message

  7. @Speedy05 You didn't answer my questions...

  8. This might be a silly question but why on earth would you use https for a public blog page?

  9. i been using another browser from my site to my blog and just got a popup warning...

    also i am on microsoft security essentials and i think byethost hosting messed up

  10. @Raincoaster Ofcourse it does work fine. The problem i sonly on his side and most probably it is either his browser or his system

    @Speedy05 Try on a different computer. If the warning is still there come back and tell us.

  11. Actually www. does have a connection with the error. In certificate * matches immediate subdomains only, so the browser sees as acertificate mismatch but as matching. This is why you get an error for the www url, but not the one without.

  12. The https:// with the www produces the error on my machine as well, but there is no reason to use https:// when looking at a normal public page.

    The http:// with or without the www redirects to the non-www just fine, and just as it should.

  13. mmmm something up with my laptop then.... i been on other laptop and it seems ok..
    so whats up with my side....

  14. Did you try it without the "s"? This link?

    The https:// is causing the error. There isn't any reason to use it on a public, non-secure page such as the public blog pages.

    Also, try logging out of wordpress, clear your browser cache and cookies, restart your browser and then try again. It might be that your browser keeps pulling up the cached page. I've had that happen.

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