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  1. This is getting more and more strange...

  2. The abovementioned email is the one that I have used in WP for many many months.


    And I never recieved any mail from WP or its staff.

  3. I have sent a screendump to 'universalgeni', who can confirm I'm telling the truth.

  4. Try registering a gmail account and contacting support again with the details. We have had at least one account of emails from not going through on Hotmail lately.

  5. I have just sent yet another.

    This time from my own email address and to the one above.

    If this does not go through, I am at a total loss.

  6. I can confirm what Hodja wrote about the screenshot. I googled a bit and I see that Hotmail causes problems for a lot of people. Some sites recommend that users should register with a mail from an other system. So that is a solution: to use an other email address?

  7. Here - a quote from

    Sunday 2nd March, 2008

    Microsoft has suffered serious problems with its Hotmail service over the past days.

    Frustration about the lack of service has caused some clients to directly contact Microsoft which says it has been working toward a solution.

    Microsoft said in previous statements that the problem had been resolved, but the fact it has reoccurred indicates a more serious malfunction.

    Hotmail has about 80 million users.

  8. Did I not already say hotmail was the problem and suggest a workaround?

  9. Yes you did, raincoaster and thank you very much for that. Actually that is why I searched for more information about it. Was that not all right?

  10. Yes, it is. Sorry, I'm just really cranky. I should take a break from the forum. I'm tired of repeating "please give us a link to your blog, starting with http" and "have you read the instructions in this thread" and it's doing bad things for my temper. I appreciate your help, and I'm sure hodja does, too.

  11. I recieved the mail at my Hotmail address this evening. Thank you Mark.
    I consider this matter closed - for me.

  12. I know what you say. Some of ones writings in these threads makes you feel like a living copy/paste robot. I have already found that out.

    By the way: the FAQs would benefit from an update. Some of solutions should sit there.

    I have the feeling that WordPress is drowning in success. The number of new blogs and bloggers is sky rocketing. The need for service from staff must be rising accordingly. There must be hardware issues too.

    We don't get new features, themes etc. as often as we used to. Have things frozen a bit? I feel they have. I have the feeling that we are waiting, but I don't know what we are waiting for.

    Sorry for these ramblings...

  13. (My last comment was for raincoaster).

  14. I think they're waiting until they've hired everyone they want right now and got them all trained, quite frankly.

  15. Oh. Yes - could be. But the growth rate is not going to stop. I just visited a Blogger blog and fond a Google add for free blogs. That amused me...

  16. That IS hilarious.

  17. There are planned updates to the faq. Changes that will be arriving soon give the ideal chance for this to happen and we will be using that.

    And more support? Yes there is and more soon on that too :)

  18. Hip hip! That was positive news. Thank you, mark. A lot of us will be looking forward to that! :-D)))

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