Was I marked "Mature?"

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    Hello, just wondering if I have inadvertently been marked “mature” by one of the staff as I don’t notice myself in the global tags or categories of late. My stats have been lower than usual, so I thought I would ask. I have been planning to upgrade but not sure I want to if I am being marked “mature.” Thank you!

    This is the name of my blog:


    The blog I need help with is lifeofafemalebiblewarrior.wordpress.com.


    I’ll tag this for staff attention, but I see nothing on your site even close to mature and since your username is still showing as linked to your site (it wouldn’t be linked in the forums if it were mature) it is unlikely it was reported or marked.

    The global tags pages are basically broken right now. I think with 30 million sites here, they are just totally overwhelmed.


    Thanks so much.. I was worried about this. I’m new to this site and to blogging so hope whatever this is isn’t my fault. Thanks Sacredpath.


    You are welcome.



    Hello, I too have noticed lower stats than usual.
    I’ve also noticed PERMISSION DENIED as I scroll over the country stats.
    Have they been blocked or have I been rated ‘mature’???



    Please don’t post off-topic question into threads on unrelated topics. Doing that leads to confusion. Please use this link to create your own thread on your own topic > https://en.forums.wordpress.com/?new=1



    @timethief, my comment WAS NOT off-topic and if you are reading all threads you would see that I did create my own topic but this person’s (thewarrioress) topic can also apply to me!



    …it doesn’t. Being marked as ‘mature’ would have no effect on your blog stats page.


    One way you can fail to appear in the global tags page is to have your blog’s security set to be visible to public but not search engines.



    Your blog is definitely not marked as mature, and it is public. Some of these are competitive tags, but your chances should improve over time.


    Just testing to see if my username is linked to my site.



    Here’s how to link your username to your blog in your blog Dashboard -> Users -> Personal Settings -> then scroll down to Account Details. Then scroll down to where it says ‘Primary Blog‘ select the URL for your primary wordpress.com blog and then save changes.

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