Was making Page Jump links – now Edit is Frozen

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    I was making Page Jump Links (successfully I thought!) one at a time – testing as I went – then got over confident and made the last three together. When I saved and Viewed the Page – Links worked – but text was underlined when ‘mouse overed’. When I attempted to re-enter the Edit mode – and then into the Code view – I couldn’t.
    Page is here:
    Can somebody help please?
    The Old Blue Truck



    I don’t see anything wrong with that page, except that it’s veeeery long. Hmm, maybe that is the problem? I think I read somewhere once that some browsers have trouble with text edit fields that contain more than a certain amount of text. Try splitting the page into parts and see if that solves the editing problem. Your readers will probably like shorter pages too :)


    Thanks kimi – points well made! – but I can’t get back in to that page to edit it!


    You may want to contact support. If you are locked out, they may be able to do something on the back-end, such as renaming that whole thing, so that you can be able to get back in.


    Abby – not sure what’s just happened – but I logged out of the Blog – ready to close down for the night – decided to try it out (unlogged) – like kimmi said – it looked ok – so I logged in – and everything – even code editing was working!
    So – I guess I’m ‘resolved’!
    Thanks for your help


    Woohoo! Glad it was just a glitch. Those things are kinda scary, but is a relief when it works out on its own. :-)

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