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Was there any changes in XML-RPC?!

  1. I have some troubles with XML-RPC (

    $client = new IXR_Client('');
    $content['title'] = 'Test Draft Entry using MetaWeblog API';
    $content['categories'] = array($response[1]['categoryName']);
    $content['description'] = '<p>Hello World!</p>';
    if (!$client->query('metaWeblog.newPost','', 'admin',’MYPASSWORD’, $content, false)) {
    die('An error occurred - '.$client->getErrorCode().":".$client->getErrorMessage());
    echo $client->getResponse(); //with WordPress, will report the ID of the new post

    I have the error

    An error occurred - -32700:parse error. not well formed

    What's wrong?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What program are you using?

    I use Ecto and it has not had any issues.

  3. I try to write my own client

  4. You need to do some searching in the codex over at and search for xml-rpc. There is a good bit of information on the API over there, and it is the same used here.

  5. I have red.... my script works fine with any other WordPress except (.

  6. You are going to have to either talk to support over at worpdress.ORG, or wait till staff is back in the office on the 19th and then contact them directly at

  7. I tried your code against a blog (with modified account info) and it posted a draft post just fine.

    I suggest looking at the raw HTTP response to see what it looked like. Hopefully you'll be able to quickly spot what caused the parser to fail.

    Also you can use HTTPS for XML-RPC requests on

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