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Watching YouTube videos on WordPress

  1. When a viewer clicks on the arrow of a YouTube video I've posted on WordPress, does that click count in the page views you see on the actual YouTube page that houses that video? Or is that pageview count on the YouTube page just counting the unique page views people log when they view it on YouTube along -- outside of the WordPress blog post?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm sorry but we require a URL starting with http:// before we can give you a correct answer to your question.

  3. Thank for posting the URL some days here we have up to 30% of those posting who are posting to the wordpress forum and ought to be posting to wordpress.ORG for support.

    This is the entry for stats
    The following are not counted:

    * Visits from registered users of the blog when they are logged in.
    * Visits to uploaded documents and files
    * Visits from browsers that do not execute javascript or load images.
    * GoogleBot and other search engine spiders.

    I believe that means that the stats that are counted are those who click into the blog post - 1 page view. The clicks through your posts and out to youtube would be reflected in your outgoing clicks. If you need greater clarity then you I suggest you contact Staff

  4. The YouTube video views are counted by YouTube whether it's viewed on your blog or onsite on YouTube. Note that after you hit the 300 view count, YouTube view count updates are not done in real time anymore.

  5. @arcdata
    Thanks so much for posting that relevant information - bookmarking! :)

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