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    I had created two blogs under the name hirenshah and mypyp. Both of them refused to enter the passwords that I had been using. On receving the passwords again, I put in a 23 character full password for safety. WordPress accepted it but when I tried to put in the password, only 20 characters were accepted. I created a third blog to get to the forum. I don’t know what to make of all this. Here is a complete text of the email I recd from (email redacted) and my reply to them.

    >From: <(email redacted)>
    >To: mypyp <(email redacted)>
    >Subject: Your Feedback
    >Date: Tue, 7 Feb 2006 23:30:21 +0000 (UTC)
    >You recently filled in the Feedback form at
    >Here’s the message you entered. It has also been sent to
    >the administrators but due to the volume of feedback they
    >can’t respond to every query.
    >Have you got any problem against people from India. Your people at the forums refuse to answer my questions. what is the problem?
    >Thanks for getting in touch!
    > Team.

    My reply to (email redacted)

    Being new to blogging and wordpress, I had four five questions which neither the members nor the key masters were answering. What you have mentioned is the first line of a message that I wrote. Since then I recd a few replies. I thanked them profusely.

    Since then, I have been facing different problems. Somebody is playing dirty mischief because your world class product cannot be defective in basic functions.

    I had created two logins for two blogs with usernames hirenshah and mypyp. In both of them, I lost the passwords which I remember by heart and which I had used to login several times earlier. .Then, when I pressed for a new password, I tried to change it by putting a 23 letter complete password but after signing out when I tried to login again, it did not work. I could not have forgotten the password so fast because it is a name that I remember by heart. In the second blog, I have just received the new password. I was able to login and this time for safety reasons, put in a full 23 letter password. Thereafter, when I tried to login again, it is accepting only 20 characters. I don’t know what to make of all this.

    One thing I want to renfirm is that why can’t one person introduce two blogs under the same email address or username. There is neither any clear clarification from the keymasters or members in the discussion forum. It is not mentioned in your frequently asked questions either. In my humble opinion, this will cause a lot of administrative headaches in the days to come. Your categorization feature is phenomenal for a general blog but creating specific blogs is also an authentic need.

    Your system correctly imported my posts and comments accurately but somebody has been deleting the comments. In one post the comments were reduced from 15 to 10 and in another from 20 to 8 . I can’t understand how this can happen in such a wonderful product.

    I have written to intellecutal/spiritual magazines in India as per the links on my blogs “Stray thoughts” and “Make your passion your profession”. I have no ill will towards anyone and tried to appreciate your wonderful features in poetry. If anybody is against that, I will stop immediately.

    Having operated a computer for the last 20 years, I am reasonably computer savy but if this is the kind of welcome we are going to get, you can rule out India where many people do not know computers well. It would not be out of place to mention that India has a huge English speaking population.

    Congratulations for creating such a fantastic platform. Hope you have unprecedented success. It’s a great pity that I am having to write all this. God bless you.

    I again reiterate that being spiritually inclined, I have no ill will towards anyone. If there has been any wrong action on my part, I shall be the first person to apologize for the same. I would appreciate if you revert back to me fast to enable me to decide whether I should continue to be associated with wordpress.

    God bless you


    Hiren Shah
    I forgot to mention that I used the same display name for both the blogs. Anything wrong with that?Till we sort out the matter, better to cease operations from my side.



    Let me try replying to you step-bys-step to the best of my knowledge

    1) WordPress definitely does have not have problems with users from any country whether you are from India, Africa, Antartica or Timbuktoo..

    2) WordPress’s cool admins – Matt, Andy & Donncha are humans after all. They can’t reply to the huge volume of feedback that they recieve and WordPress is getting really popular nowadays but Matt has always maintained that they make sure that they read all of them. Again, they are humans and can’t spend 24/7 here in the forums, but they try to reply whenever their assistance is needed. Otherwise they let members answer their question. We also have a dedicated mod Mike who tries his best to answer a question. And as for the members, they reply to anyquestion that they know.

    3) #Your categorization feature is phenomenal for a general blog but creating specific blogs is also an authentic need.# —- Cannot understand this sorry!

    4) As for the deleting of comments, are you suggesting that WP themselves deletes the comments? Sounds ridiculous to me. I personally feel that the problem is with the importer itself, WP’s import tool is not 100% refined and there are problems on the other side too.

    5) 23 character password, isn’t that way too big? And from what I can see @ you posted on Feb 7th?

    6) <i>I forgot to mention that I used the same display name for both the blogs</i> — No probs with that.

    And last word Mr.Hiren, umm…Wordpress treats all it’s users equally if you are trying to suggest something else and if anything above sounds rude, sorry about that.

    Hope you face no probs from now on
    ~ CC



    Go to – are you logged in? If so then click the “Sign out” link.
    Now, go to the “forgot your password” page at and enter mypyp and the email address you used when registering that blog.
    Submit that form and *wait* until you get the reset password link. Click on that link and you’ll be sent a new password.
    If you want to change your password, make sure it’s less than 20 characters. It’s unusual to have such a long password and it can’t be easy to remember!
    Do the same for your “wplay” and “hirenshah” accounts.
    If you want to access multiple blogs from your one blog, go to the users page of each blog add add your primary username (Let’s say, “mypyp”) to that blog through the “Add Community User” form. You can add him as an administrator to get full control of those blogs too. We’re looking at how to make this easier in the future.

    We didn’t delete comments from your blog, but the importer doesn’t always work 100% perfectly. Some of the time that’s’s fault. Sometimes it’s ours. It usually works perfectly though.



    I’m trying to find out where this person’s posts in the forums are. I don’t get any listed unless they’re under another name. Please note that I do run a webhosting business with over 1700 clients and I’m here in my spare time. It’s gotten to the point that I’ve had to outsource my tech support in an attempt to keep up and it’s going to get worse for me since I just had installed a second gigabit line as well as 10 more boxes. You’ll notice very quickly that I’m only here for a short time each day and I’ll run through a large number of posts in a hurry complete with typos. :)

    I will say it’s pretty darn cool to stand in front of all those 1U’s looking at all the green lights though. It’s a pain that the Mac backup box though was red lights. Kind of messes it up.

    I will add the 20 letters max on the password to the FAQ though as I was not aware of it myself.




    I am replying as wypyp instead of wplay.

    Sorry for being impulsive, chronoton but I waited for quite sometime before asking. Some people are rude on the net and the issue had to be sorted out. I was not implying any racist overtones.

    I have not had the pleasure of interacting with Matt. Doncha and Matt have been very helpful and I can understand their work pressure. I have a lot of software implementation myself in my 20years of management experience.

    Specific blog is for a purpose and is better separate. WordPress is obviously superior in all respects except for this double blog thing. It has been troubling me since the very beginning.

    Let me say categorically that I am not implying that wp is deleting my comments. I don’t know who is doing it but I checked thoroughlly. I had only about 15 posts in each blog and all of them were there. Only in one post, there were 100 instead of 20 comments and I deleted the extra ones. Import was ok to the best of my knowledge.

    I had input two passwords several times and I was surprised when I could not login with them again. I could not have forgotten them in such a short duration. That is why I used the 23word password.

    You really seem hurt about my stated about my asking about indians being treated differently.My apologies once more.



    Thanks for replying so specifically, doncha. In the username hirenshah, I have put wplay and mypyp as administrators. This implies that I can control the two through hirenshah. Am I right? It did accept both but on that screen both mypyp and wplay were showing 0 posts. Wplay has 0 posts(under user list by role) but wypyp has plenty of posts. Perhaps it means that posts made by wypyp and wplay in hirenshah were zero?Thereafter, I tried to login through wplay to answer to your post but it showed me the homepage of hirenshah.

    I never implied that anybody from wordpress deleted my comments. I checked everything after import and except for one in which excess comments were there, everything was fine. God knows how it happened.

    I only put in the long password because my regular passwords were not working though I used them several times before.

    I am glad to know that you are going to make it simple. To tell you the truth, all wp features are outstanding except for this doubleblog issue. It has been troubling me in a variety of ways from the very beginning. I have a fair amount of software implementation experience myself and this does not augur well for the future. I just hope that in the future there are no problems. Thanks a lot once again. God bless you.



    What you’ve done is allowed wplay and mypyp to administer the hirenshah blog. You should add the “hirenshah” user to the wplay and mypyp blogs as an administrator so hirenshah can control them.



    Hope your problems are fixed now man and make sure you give your main username control everywhere else..

    And if you don’t use the wplay blog, just delete it. WP offers you that features.




    the only reason I can think of for the deletion of your comments is that you possibly used an easy password(since you mentioned earlier above that its a name or something) which someone who knows you or otherwise guessed correctly & hence started having a ball at your expense!! otherwise, they couldn’t possibly delete comments on your blog unless you added them to your blog as editors or admins which would be inviting burglars to a party in your house!! ;)

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