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WAY better Pinterest buttons!

  1. There's an amazing plugin for self-hosted wordpress that's not available for us subdomain users! It displays a pin it button ON a picture on your blog whenever someone mouses over it! It makes it so much easier for readers to pin your images and can drive so much more traffic to your blog! There's a blog post about how it works and the download here: I wish we could have a plugin like this available to us! Anyone know how to make it possible?!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I wish it was possible. The limitations of sites are really getting to me and unless they open up things a bit I will definitely move to a self-hosted WordPress install. The Pinterest limitation alone is enough to make we want to move.

  3. I agree! I've been thinking I'll start self-hosting once my blog reaches a certain number of views.

  4. You can use any widget that has pure HTML but you cannot use any widgets that contain restricted codes like iframes or JavaScript widgets.

    In the case of Pinterest, you cannot use the Pin-it Javascript code on a blog.

    But you can put the code for the Pinterest follow button in a text widget.
    1. Go to this site, choose which one of the red Follow Me images you want, and copy the code for it.

    2. Then, go to your widgets > Appearance > Widgets and select a text widget.

    3. Paste the Pinterest follow button code into the text widget, "save" the widget, "close" the widget and place it where you want it to display in your sidebar.

    4. Please see here for enabling sharing buttons including Pinterest on your blog.

  5. Timethief - you keep posting this info to Pinterest threads that have nothing to do with wanting a Pinterest follow button. Please don't just copy and paste a generic answer to a specific question.

  6. Thanks mance! I was thinking the same thing. I already have several pin-it buttons, but this one seems SO much better and more user-friendly for readers!

  7. Sorry about that. I just wanted you to be crystal clear on the fact that we cannot use JavaScript. Best wishes with your quest.

  8. Ha ha - Pianogurrl88 - My wife and I are also LDS

  9. Cheers timethief

  10. @mance
    Sorry I offended. As for plugins they are a no go as we free hosted bloggers don't have FTP access only VIP bloggers do.

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