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    When I link from my post to my previous post, it adds itself as a comment for that previous post.
    But can those links (within the same blog) be filtered out of the comments widget?

    I don’t think they contribute any useful information there, just remove the recent comments out of the view.



    why don’t you just delete them? go to manage and delete those comments



    I was deleting them so far.
    But it seems better for there to be trackbacks, so that reader which likes some post might check some simmilar posts which link to that one.
    I will see, maybe I will just add and remove the widget depending on that if there are more trackbacks or normal comments. :)



    I vote for deleteing them as well. They have “nofollow” tags on them anyway so they don’t help search engines.

    Something else you can do if you’re doing a series or something is provide a table of contents like I do for one of my story lines. Granted you have to re-edit each post after adding to teh series but it’s just a matter of cutting and pasting.



    drmike, thanks for the reply, I do something similar myself, but I guess what I ask is reasonable.
    There are three possible positions one can take on this issue:
    1.track-backs from within the weblog does make sense to be shown in the comments widget
    2.track-backs from within the weblog doesn’t make sense to be shown in the comments widget
    3.track-backs from within the weblog doesn’t make sense at all

    I’m saying that I’m on position (2), and I think that most user would want it to be as (2).
    If it is not possible now, maybe I should send feedback? Shouldn’t be hard to implement, if as you say those links have special tags. would be just check for “nofollow” and if the source is from the blog itself.



    Honest, I really don’t have an opinion on this one. (Except for hearing the words “I think that most users would”. Most people voted for Bush and we can see how well that turned out.)

    Matt and staff had said many times over that they want feedback and keep track of what their get for ideas. I would send it in anyway. I personally have no issue with deleting internal trackbacks on my blogs though. I can see how some people would like to leave them though. (Inflates comment count as well)

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