Way to Import Posts from Livejournal?

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    I’m leaving Livejournal to come here. Is there a way to transfer all my posts here with their original dates without having to copy and paste and change the timestamp?




    1 – Search is your friend. :)

    2 – Not currently unless you do it manually.



    The link supplied by drmike returns no answers. The answer is that no, you cannot currently import posts from one blogging tool into WordPress.com, though you can if you use the free full version of WordPress. If that is important to you, then check out the list of hosts who support WordPress and get set up with them. It won’t be free, but it will help you to easily preserve your old posts.

    If you would like to have your old posts in WordPress.com, you will have to paste them in manually, though there is talk that an import feature may be available soon. To paste them manually, do the following steps:

    1. Click the Write Post tab.

    2. Type in the name of the old post.

    3. Copy the post content from the old blog and paste it into the Write Post edit textarea for post content.

    4. Check the categories for the post and change the date to the original date (be sure and click the checkbox for changing the date).

    5. SAVE AND CONTINUE EDITING to preview the post and then click PUBLISH when you are ready to go.

    You can either copy the text from the old blog’s screen view (generated page view), or copy the source code from the posts, its up to you. Be aware that any and all javascripts, style and html tags that do not conform to the few tags allowed by WordPress.com, will be stripped from the post content when the post is saved.

    I’ve moved over many posts from my other site to WordPress.com this way. It’s tedious, but if preservation of old content is critical, this is how it works as of now.



    I do believe you have to type in “LiveJournal” into the search box to see results. :)



    We do have a LJ importer that we hope to turn on shortly, hopefully within the week.



    Looking forwards to…!!!



    :oD That would be great!!



    Any news on when this will be implemented?



    in the meanwhile you may want to try import your LJ posts via your LJ feed, using wpcom’s MT importer.


    I have a friend wondering if this feature is happening soon… since supposedly it would be ready within a week… a couple months ago…



    Um, maybe the LiveJournal importer under Dashboard -> Manage -> Import -> LiveJournal? :)

    edit: Here‘s the post about it as well. It’s still on my Dashboard.



    Not everyone checks the Dashboard. It might be nice if there were an opt-in mailing list for new features; they seem to arrive in batches anyway, so every time there was another code push they could send a mailout saying ‘we added this, this and this’.

    [cc-ed to Feedback]



    Granted but that’s why the Dashboard is there. To inform users for what new items and features being pushed out to us.



    I got so excited about this feature and then it did not want to work for me. It says it imports, but I see nothing



    Sometimes the importers set everything to draft status; have you checked there aren’t any posts in draft? Did you save the export file as an .xml file? Were your LJ entries public or friends-only?



    Awesome, I hadnt saved them as an .XML file, now they work. Now to figure out why Flock doesnt like my WordPress Blog but it does like my LJ



    Hopefully someone will see this and answer, if not I’ll post a separate question. I exported a test month of posts from LiveJournal and saved as an XML file, imported it and all posts arrived (no comments so haven’t tested that bit yet).

    However the HTML entities were not translated. For example LJ stored the word “don’t” as don't and this is how it reads on the journal – see http://snugglywarm.wordpress.com

    Can I fix this? at the LJ end? at the WordPress end?

    Also it didn’t respect the categories. Bummer! Any comments on this?

    Looking forward to bringing my LJ blog to WordPress.



    Your fellow bloggers voluntarily answering questions on the forum including the Moderators cannot help you with this. Volunteers do not have baskend access to blogs. Please look on the top right hand corner of any of your blog pages for the feedback button and click on it so the pane opens for you to communicate with staff.



    TT, I think you’re jumping the gun a bit on the “Send a feedback” lately. :)

    – Open up the *.xml file in something like Notepad. Do not use Word or Wordpad or anything else like that.

    – Scan the file manually (ie with your eyes) looking for places where the encoding has occured. Stuff like: &8212; and stuff like that. Figure out what symbol should be there. You’re going to have to use Search and Replace to run through the file and replace the symbols with what should be there.

    – Here’s the sticking point. How you save it is an issue. Should be a drop down menu on teh Save As… popup with a label of Encoding. Save the file but do it as UTF-8. Anything else and you wind up saving it with either rich text code or more of the encoding that you got originally.

    – Try importing that.

    /me looks around for a staff member.

    If you want to practice first, use daria.be. Just remember to delete your blog afterwards. :)

    Hope this helps,



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