Way to keep certain pictures out of slideshow?

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    Has anyone figured out a way to not have every picture that’s displayed in a certain post also show up in the slideshow? I’m in the middle of a post that I have 37 pictures of one place, and one picture of another, so I want to place the one picture in the text itself, and then lead up to the slideshow at the end. I don’t want the first picture also showing up in the slideshow. This is a common problem for me, and I’d love a little freedom to choose which photos play in the slideshow and which don’t.

    The blog I need help with is misspreservation.com.


    The photos you want to appear on a post, but not in the slideshow, should be hosted somewhere else… like Flickr or Photobucket, or even on another of your WordPress blogs (you can have as many as you like). This is what works best for me.


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    @ schoolfinder72

    Delete the one picture that you don’t want in the slide show from your post.

    All images attached to a post automatically become part of the slide show and you can’t un-attach an image from a post.

    Re-upload the ‘one picture’ to a draft post (or page), then you can insert it into your post via URL.

    If you do this sort of process often, you can just upload the pictures you don’t want in the slide show to that one post or page.

    If you load the pictures directly to the media library, then insert them into a post, they become attached and you are back where you started.

    By the way, when you delete the ‘one picture’ upload it with a different name. If you don’t WordPress will start adding numbers to the name and you’ll confuse yourself.


    Very cool workaround 1tess, thanks! Although I’ll definitely keep that Flickr option in mind too–didn’t realize that was a benefit of linking straight to a Flickr pic. This particular picture isn’t in my Flickr photostream and I don’t necessarily want to put it there, but I can definitely use both of these options in the future. Would be nice to just be able to click on the pics I want to use though . . .


    I guess you can’t keep the Featured Image out of the slide show though, right?


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    I don’t think you can keep the ‘Featured Image’ out of the slide show, but someone may have another idea or workaround.

    I’ve not spent much time on the whole bunch of new themes in the last 4 months, and featured images are not something I have fooled around with yet. (curse work lol)

    I don’t think you can use a linked image as a featured image. Also, it’s faster to use images stored within WordPress than to go to another website, retrieve the file, then put it into the browser. Just saying I think it’s better to upload to wp than to an outside place.

    Keep the thread open and you are bound to get some other ideas.



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    But you know, on second thought, I did select some images to be ‘featured’ on my test blog and they were not attached to the post. I didn’t try using a slide show to know for sure if ‘featured image’ would be included or not. Might work?


    Ah, that’s an interesting concept–didn’t think of having a featured image not attached to the post. Will try that for sure–already have a post where the featured image, which I created specifically to be a featured image, turns up in a slide show, so I will try uploading the same image with a different name into my new handy draft post for pictures and link it to the featured image and see what happens. Thanks for your help, and just in general, I enjoy reading your responses here in the forum–have learned lots over the last year or so.


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    Oh, aren’t you sweet! Thank you.

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