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    Is there any way to remove the comments RSS feed (but not posts) entirely, so that when you click “subscribe” via the interface of a browser like Firefox, you only see the one for posts. My site does not have any comments, so accessing that feed through a browser like Firefox is just deadweight; it leads to a blank page.

    I do have the Custom Design upgrade, if that is necessary.

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is nightoffaith.com.



    All WordPress blogs have multiple built-in RSS feeds and no we cannot remove them on free hosted WordPress.com blogs.

    The custom desighn upgrade cannot be used to change anything except appearance. It cannot be used to change functionality. We cannot edit themes or templates.
    Please, please read this ebtrie section as this is the 3rd time I have posted this link when answering you > http://en.support.wordpress.com/custom-design/#frequently-asked-questions



    OK, I have read the FAQ you linked to.

    My website (which is what I prefer to call it, not a blog, as I am using WordPress for a simplified and relatively inexpensive CMS) is not free hosted. I am paying ~$50 a year for a domain name plus Custom Design. At that rate, I’d like fewer limitations.

    It would be interesting if WordPress could remove the comments fee “behind the scenes” upon request. But if not, I am not too disappointed. This is a minor issue, anyway.



    I am paying ~$50 a year for a domain name plus Custom Design.

    You are not paying removal of RSS Feeds and there is no such upgrade on offer so lets’ be cyrstal clear on that.

    Given that all upgrades are very specific and what they entitle us to do and what cannot be done when purchased is clearly stated in support documentation, with respect, I mildly and respecfully suggest that IMHO you are barking up the wrong tree.

    No one compelled you or I to make the free hosted choice of having a blog here.

    No one compelled you or I to purchase any upgrades at all.

    I freely chose to purchase upgrades for my blogs based on reading the documentation and comprehending every word of it.

    I clearly understand that every upgrade is an offer and that the terms of that offer are found in the support documentation for each upgrade.

    I clearly understand that by purchasing any upgarde I have accepted an offer for a time certain, paid valuable consideration for exactly the specific upgrade I purchased as stated in the terms, and that I am entitled to nothing more and/or nothing less than exactly what I contracted with WordPress.com for.

    Those are the essentials that detemine any contract ie: offer, terms, time certain, acceptance, payment = contract. Yet every day we Volunteers experience bloggers who appear not to have read the terms of the offers (ugrades), and/or did not comprehend what they read, and/or did not practic due dilligence by getting clarification re: any gray areas in the offer and terms they did not understand, and arrive here in tyhe forums expecting more than what they contracted for. :(



    To make things clear, I was already pretty sure it couldn’t be changed, a least not on my end. I just wanted to know if, somewhere/somehow, it could be done. Apparently not, and it doesn’t disappoint me. It is a very minor thing.

    Please, do not try to make me feel stupid for not being even more anal than I already am. I am not in the frame of mind to meticulously pore over every detail of the documentation and such; I have better things to do. I know that I am in a contract, with set terms for everything. I know that, in layman’s terms, they don’t (and won’t) owe me one ounce of shit aside from what is set in writing. Don’t play robot-bitch with me.

    I have already achieved 95% of the style I want for my site. That is more than enough; no, I will not be splitting hairs. Thank you, good day.

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