Way to zoom images, like floatbox?

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    Hi folks:
    Within the facilities of wordpress.com, can anyone suggest a way to zoom images? That is to say, show a small-sized image within a post, and enable the user to click on the image and have it display a larger version.

    It would be nice if it would perform a zoom effect like floatbox, (http://randomous.com/floatbox/demo) but any other technique, like a popup for example, might work.

    The particular scenario is in discussing screenshots or other figures where there are a lot of details, but where the full image whose details the user needs to see is a bit overwhelming if shown at 100% size within the body text.

    Any good wp.com solutions? Thanks,

    — Graham


    When inserting an image, click the file URL button before inserting it. When people click on it it will open in a blank browser window.

    The is no “zoom effect” that can be used at wordpress.COM.



    TSP: Thanks for suggesting the URL possibility, I hadn’t noticed that. Not quite as sophisticated as what I hoped for, but might serve in some situations.


    Yeah, that is all we have right now. I’m hoping they might incorporate something more sophisticated in the near future.


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    Hmmm, that is very much like I asked for, thanks.

    However, in the meantime I’ve realized that having the image pop up and obscure the text is probably the wrong thing to do for my uses. Instead I’d just like the image to expand in place, and allow the rest of the page to reformat to suit.

    So really just a toggle of the image width and height between normal (reduced) and large (not reduced). Pretty easy javascript… just not directly doable in wp.com unless there’s a way to prompt a script like that to be included.

    I looked at trying to get thickbox to play into that scheme, but it seems to dynamically add the code for the enlarged picture at the end of the DOM, not alter the DOM at the original img location.

    BTW, the idea that one or another widget causes addition JS to be supplied (as appears to be the case for thickbox courtest of socialvibe– that’s interesting, I wonder what other useful JS rides along with other widgets?

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