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Ways to connect with mature bloggers?

  1. I created a new blog a few days ago, intended for exploring areas including sexuality and eroticism. In view of the likely content I reported it to WordPress as a mature blog, and it is now tagged as such.

    This means that it doesn't show up in any WordPress searches, can't be found via tags, and so on. But being new to this, I would like to make contact with other people writing similar blogs, and I would like them to be able to find me.

    The only options I can see for making the blog findable are (i) don't tag it as mature (too late: already done) and (ii) make it visible to search engines. I'm not keen on this as I don't want a deluge of visitors who really were simply searching for porn, or of spam comments.

    Two questions:

    • Does anyone have any ideas on good ways to make contact with people writing similar blogs?
    • If I do make the blog visible to Google and the like, will post tags be used by the search engine, or ignored?

    Thanks for any help.

  2. You will have to resolve this dichotomy before you can select a solution. It is not possible to be hidden from most people and visible to some unless you already know those chosen few, and they know you. Not at anyway.

    I would suggest making yourself visible to search engines, which will put you on the Technorati tag list and you can tag surf there for like-minded bloggers. People who are just searching for porn are just not going to hang around, they aren't going to try to destroy your site. Heck, people who are searching for porn hit EVERY public site on the internet. I wouldn't worry too much about spam, since Akismet is activated.

    That's just my advice. You've got to make the call. If you're prominent in the adult blogging community, people will seek you out. If you're not, well, you're going to have to either do outreach or become okay with obscurity.

  3. And yes, if you are visible to search engines they will find your tags. Your tags will not get the googlejuice boost of the Global tag pages, but that pretty much just puts you on an even footing with independently-hosted blogs in terms of SEO.

  4. That all makes sense to me--also, Google searches using seem to work for finding some of the WordPress blogs.

    I'm sure you're right about the porn searchers, too. They'll just think "Oh—nothing here" and go on to the next search result.

    I'll change the search engine setting and see what happens :-)

  5. Good luck!

  6. OK, another question. Given that WordPress seem to remove more or less everything that would link to the blog, will the search engines find the blog through their crawling process or do I need to submit the URL? (Not visible in Google yet but it's only about 12 hours since I changed the setting to allow access.)

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