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Ways to make your blog more popular?

  1. ahundredthingstodo

    I know this is pathetic but the only thing really want is for to read my blog and I simply can't do that without any help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. ahundredthingstodo

    Oh and I've tried submitting to every kind of directory there is.

  3. Wow - a two day old blog with 3 Posts and panic has already set in. Try searching or just looking here in the forum on how to build traffic - thousands of ideas - go to timethief's site, she has all sorts of suggestions. Building traffic for a regular blog can take months or years depending on your subject and other factors.

  4. The first 6 months of blogging are lonely months. In order to create a flow of traffic you must recognize that "build it and they will come" does not apply to blogging. There is no such thing as passive promotion - become active!

    Start by verifying your blog ownership with the major search engines.

    Without doubt content is the key to bringing traffic to your site. The more fresh, useful and interesting content your site has the more successful it will be. Content that sparks lively discussion is key to creating regular readers who become subscribers. Social networking is a means to reach a larger audience and let them know you would welcome their discussion on your new content.

  5. I agree with timethief. The first 6 months are the hardest. It was very quiet for me too when I started. Just don't let that bother you. Just enjoy the writing and the expressing.

    If you have Facebook or Twitter, you could always share your blog.

  6. My blog still sucks, and I've been at it almost a year.

    It's all about presence. Let people know your blog is there...if they start seeing you all over the place, they're eventually gonna be like, "Might as well," and they'll click on your blog. :D

    (Hopefully. I mean, unless your blog has a really funky title...)

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