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ways you got others to contribute to your blog!

  1. animelovers411

    tell us ways you got others to become contributors of your blog , and authors of it? lets hear your stories

    The blog I need help with is

  2. @ animelovers411

    I'll move this thread over to the showcase forum where people post to promote their blogs.

    Keep in mind that if you ever have a technical question, or need support for how to make your blog work as you want it, then please post in the Question or Support forums.

  3. animelovers411

    ohh im very sorry for the inconvenience and misunderstanding by putting it in the your fourm thank you for your time.

  4. A blog is not a forum nor is it a wiki and I'm not looking to add any authors as official users of my blog. That being said, I do accept guest author posts under specific conditions only.

  5. This post also contains: The value in becoming a guest author and The value in publishing guest author’s articles as well as Suggested References.

    Unless or until you visit other similar blogs in your niche frequently, comment on posts in them, and form relationships with those like-minded bloggers you will not be likely to attract bloggers, who can and who will contribute high quality original posts to your blog.

  6. Here in one of my blogs you will notice that there are several postings I did on bike art. I had a local artist voluntarily provide me some of his photos of art work that I didn't have myself.

    So I credit him, I also link to his book in such blog posts on outdoor public art in our region. So he is volunteer his photos with a purpose, which I don't mind. He has a paid job for an engineering firm, in addition to his sideline work as a painter and as a writer, so he's not reliant on just his book to draw income.

    It was just one of those things that happened by good fortune. He is also a cyclist which probably is why he gives some of his stuff. Among cyclists, they are cooperative with one another, once there is an established shared interest.

    I had another query from a completely different artist elsewhere in Canada who wanted to credit one of my articles and quote me on outdoor public art for an article that he wrote. So he linked to my blog.

    2 examples why it is so important to credit each other in writing in a blog. That type of reciprocity and sharing just works for everyone. :)

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