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We are all made of stars

  1. Oh, there's a whole forum for shameless self promotion? Well ok then...

    If you're a fan of geeky sciencey things (especially anything involving space, chemistry, or gastonomy) then please feel free to come and visit me at

    Have fun! :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. cool, ill check it out!
    my blog is similar, though more personally driven towards my creative writing.
    Check it out!

    I'm a neurobiology major so its all suiting to my studies. glad to see someone similar!

  3. Always good to meet a fellow science blogger! :)

    Actually, a lot of my writing seems to have been verging on sci-fi recently...

  4. Cool blog. I love geeky sciencey things! Especially astronomy.

  5. Why thank you! Long live geekery!

  6. Love your blog! Thanks for showcasing!
    I'm quite the space nerd, and have found that my two year-old points out Saturn, Earth, the moon, and the sun in images! Needless to say I'm super proud. And she's going to love the images you post, while mommy loves to learn from your blog!

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