We Are Currently Experiencing Some Network Issues

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    Just want to point out that none of the related problems are related to the network outage this thread was originally about, but since support is closed for the week I will do my best to work through the existing issues people have reported in this thread. Please do not use this thread to report other general problems with your blog.



    @coudert – I’ve been able to reproduce the problem on your blog. We are looking into it.



    @akhmadsudrajat – seems to be the same problem as @coudert. Should be fixed shortly.



    @coudert and @akhmadsudrajat
    Please go to the My Blogs screen, uncheck the publicize stuff and then recheck it. This will send you through the authorization again and should resolve the problem.



    There’s another issue now.



    Thank you guys for all this information and for keep us updated. ; )


    it is 1:30am EST, having issue logging onto my blogs. getting 403 Forbidden error :O



    @ Barry and The Team
    Thx for your help.
    Now,. I can write or edit any post on my blog again.
    Two thumbs for you



    On Mark’s reply to lackingnews and on the confidence in WordPress:

    Problems do occur and more often than not it is not in the control of WordPress people. I was a layman and I recently did a lot of research on web hosting while thinking of self-hosting. After a lot of brainstorming, I have concluded that hosting on WordPress itself is the best option. I have web hosting [I got free hosting from Irish web host Vade, reliable people] but I feel so comfotable here that I am thinking of only domain forwarding now [like Raincoaster above]! The main considerations are safety, backup etc.[not ads] and wordpress guarantees that!

    Any one who has doubts on uptime here can get a free account on pingdom and you will know it is 99.99 per cent! WordPress people acknowledge and admit things frankly unlike others. It is just bad luck that two recent outages have happened.


    I had to agree with Mark, because all web hosting services also has problems (for example, I’m subscribed to two different, and has faced similar issues, or even worse, in both, several times – and I’m talking about ” top 3 list “web hosting).

    So, for my experience, all of my websites, only my website hosted on the WordPress.com wich is the one never gives me problems.

    Anyway, there are more reports of Brazilian users of anomalies in the publication of posts and related actions, and all issues were properly resolved.

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