We believe that we have the problems with Neo-Sapien corrected

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    Okay, we believe that we have the problem with the Neo-Sapien theme corrected. To be sure, I would appreciate anyone that has their screen resolution set at 1024 X 7268 or lower and are using IE as a browser would look at the blog and tell me if the right-hand sidebars are still floating to the bottom of the page:


    And any feedback on our color selection and widget arrangement would be greatly appreciated.


    Still goes to the bottom in Safari 3 and in Firefox on the Mac if I narrow my browser windows.


    Still goes to the bottom on IE7 if I narrow my browser window and FF in XP as well.


    Okay, it looks like it needs more work. But I still don’t get it. Does WordPress not test these themes before they make them available?



    Oh, and all those ads and paid links are suddenly allowed?


    I don’t understand what you mean?


    You mean that you can’t put ads on WordPress.



    I thought so, but I’m not sure: that’s the reason why I asked.



    Paid links and ads are not allowed on WP.com except for members of the VIP program, and they subject your blog to deletion, so it hardly makes sense to put a lot of effort into fixing a theme if what you’re doing with your blog will not be allowed here. You might prefer to download the software from WordPress.org and host your own WP install, where you will be free of restrictions.



    I’ve told you at least twice, that how the right-hand neo-sapien theme sidebars are acting is exactly how the author designed them. It was his choice to do it that way.

    Here’s the my question and the designer’s reply:

    My question: On the version of Neo-Sapien that is at WordPress.com, if your browser window is not set wide enough, the right sidebars go to the bottom of the page. If you widen your browser window, the right sidebars come back up into place.

    Is that the way you designed it?

    The designers reply: Yes, that’s how it was coded for the first version. WordPress.com is using the first version. The updated version is on Wpdesigner, but that one is not supported on WordPress.com. Hope that clears it.

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