We really need this :( BAdLy

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    As far as I am concern, I know javascript is not allowed and dont run here…
    so if ever i put on a code that is a JS for a certain widget like twitterfeed directly from twitter. it wont work..
    There are LOTS of widgets from 3rd party websites that are under JS code and sadly we can’t use them and I rarely see stuffs you can use on your websites/blog that is coded through HTML..
    So I hope the team will allow us to use JS codes ..^,…,^ would really really glad to have

    The blog I need help with is kathflores.com.



    plus… I love wordpress.com to be honest.. I am thinking of just waiting to finish my domain registration here and transfer to another websitehoster because of this … this is the only thing i needed :( and I know lots of bloggers and website owners here needs this too…


    I wouldn’t get your hopes up.

    Why javascript is a security risk at wordpress.com.



    oh i see now..well i hope there is an alternative for JS we could use :(



    I clearly see a widget titled “Twitter Feed” on the blog linked to your username.

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