We should be able to freeze our blogs

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    That would be good to do for vacations or other times we might want to “pause” our blog to temporarily take it offline

    as of now all I see is the delete blog option

    The blog I need help with is swaggtalk100.wordpress.com.


    Thanks for the link, I knew about those features never used them as of yet, but on some social sites they have a feature where you can actually freeze your page almost sort of like a vacation reminder as yahoo provides. I was trying to help somebody out looks like i’ll have to do it the hard way…just for a moment.



    You could write a post on the blog stating that the blog will not have any new entry’s until further notice or certain month and date. and turn the comments off for that time being.



    Why oh why would you want to prevent readers from accessing content that’s already been indexed by search engines? It simply doesn’t make any sense to me at all.



    I can see why some bloggers might want to forbid new comments while they weren’t around to moderate. But, like TT, I can’t see why you’d want to prevent people finding and reading your content.


    @ t3ck thanks for the tip

    @ TT and Andrew

    its more so a team issue not in regards to our readers and you both make valid points
    re-thinking the whole thing now that you have mentioned this. We have our settings fixed so all new comments will automatically go to the moderation que, but since there are more than one admin on our blog…sometimes the other two dont catch things as fast as I will (unless its my own type o’s) and things slip through the cracks and end up posted in comments.



    Unsolicited advice: Do not post any kind of a notice. You don’t need to let blog scraping content thieves you won’t be around. As far as your readers go let things be. You moderate all comments and they won’t be dealt with as quickly by the other Admins – big deal.


    advice noted and taken into concideration – thx everybody for your input


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