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We want adsense in

  1. hello guys,
    we want adsense in .....Wht i am say??

    plz allow adsense in
    this request is made for
    plz accept our request...
    Wht all members says?? reply.
    Thank you.

  2. yeah its quite invitable, wordpress can allow to make its members happy, even it can gather new members by doing this.. hope to get it soon....

  3. yes obviously its cool with adsense..

    but i think wordpress has their problems of not having it

  4. It will be a happy moment if add adsense, I think all most every bloger will wants that. We will be thankfull to wordpress if they do that

  5. if wordpress cant bring adsense then atleast some other such facility to make its users happy.

  6. You do have adsense ads. They are on your blog, but you don't see them. The revenue goes to, which pays for your


    hosting. Oh right. Nothing is free.

  7. thats good... but if they provide adsense facility for users....
    both will be benifted...

  8. @lettershometoyou


  9. ......You can always "host your own blog"... and have all the ad's you want... All you need is some cash(how much does a host cost, 7 bucks a month?) ... and then you can make your own cash...

    Ey and no need to worry... as long as u make more than 7 bucks per month (or more than what it costs you to host) from you blog your making a profit..

    *looks at glass half full*

  10. You can also have your own adsense right here at You just need the VIP upgrade. How much money are you planning on making?

  11. Yes, you can do that easily. There are very good guides out on the web for going independent. There's one on but I'm too lazy to find the exact URL.

    And I honestly, seriously, would not bother putting adsense on a blog if it didn't get more than a thousand hits a day. I make a living off the advertising on some of my blogs, and believe me, it is just not worth it for less than a thousand readers.

  12. Poor People Wants Adsense

  13. @ raincoaster: how much money per month is "just not worth it"? Exactly what ball park are we talking?

    I'm a poor college student, so your concept of "not worth it" might not be the same as mine."

  14. Not worth it: did you know adsense won't pay you anything until your account has earned $100? Typically, for a blog getting less than a thousand hits per day that might take six months.

    If you're a college student, you are living on more than I have been. My gross monthly income from blogging 14-16 hours per day is $500-$550. If I didn't live in a housing co-op, I'd be homeless right now. And I am NOT running Adsense: I am running Glam ads.

  15. Oh, Glam Ads, well why didn't you say so! :) What about google ads? Is that the adsense that they are talking about, or is google ads something different?

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