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    Has anyone figured out how to add a good weather widget? I have tried several, including Weatherbug, but have yet to make any work completely.



    These widgets probably require some sort of javascript, which is not permitted here at; I’m not aware of such a widget that works with standard HTML, but somebody else may be able to chime in here with a suggestion.




    Thanks Bubel. I have tried several and seem to hit the Javascript restriction each time. I’m hoping someone will have found a good solution.


    2 years ago, I had the weather channel weather information listed on my blog, within a text widget on my sidebar. I can’t imagine that they’ve added javascript since then. I’d check it out to get it on your blog. Google the weather channel.



    You can find weather widgets at either or that will work here at Widgets from either site can used for US, Canada, and international locations. The widget from allow you to customize its appearance, allowing for a better fit with whatever theme you may be using. It’s an alternative to using a widget from Wunderground or Weather Pixie, or using an RSS feed.

    Weather widgets from other sources, such as The Weather Channel, AccuWeather, iBegin, and Simple Weather, use code that is restricted (flash, iframe, and javascript).



    I use the Weather Pixie, but it’s a matter of taste.

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