web address including "www" doesn't redirect

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    Hi – this is confusing to me – maybe it’s just because domain.com hasn’t updated their DNS or something, BUT –

    I’ve mapped my domain “isaiahbell.com” to WP –

    When I type “isaiahbell.com” in, it redirects to my WP – great.

    When I type “www.isaiahbell.com” in, it DOESN’T! Whaaaat? I thought www. was supposed to redirect to non-www? Why would one work and not the other? Any ideas?


    The blog I need help with is isaiahbell.com.



    Just wait it out; it takes a while to settle down, and it’s redirecting okay for me on both addresses. Great-looking blog, by the way. I’m doing a site for an actress and that might be the kind of thing I end up doing for her. Very nice indeed.


    Thanks – have just started putting the site together…

    It’s working for me now too. Funny.


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