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Web Address Taken

  1. Hi, there is a web address that I would particularly like to use, but it is already taken. However, it has not been updated since December 6th 2006 and the final post was to say that the user was moving their blog to a new address. I appreciate that they still have the right to use this address, but is there any etiquette for recycling dead/unused addresses. I have tried to contact them but have not had a reply.



    The blog I need help with is

  2. Sorry if they haven't responded to your request then there is nothing the staff will do in the matter of recycling the blog address due to policy reasons.

    Fortunately, there is a nearly infinite supply of unused blog addresses – so our policy should not limit your address selection significantly. You can also register a custom domain for use with your blog so that the original ‘’ domain/URL is never visible to your readers.

    quoted from the following support document Recycling Blog Addresses (URLs)

  3. Sorry, should have read that document. Thanks anyway.

  4. No problem thank you for saying thanks. :)

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