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web designer says he cannot edit my upgraded, needs .org?

  1. Hi,
    A web designer is going to create my wordpress website, from I have a premium theme and upgraded to the $99 yearly.

    He says he cannot edit the theme sufficiently, as he says is what is needed. Is this correct? Did I waste my money by paying for the theme? I thought I paid for the theme and the upgrade ($99) which would allow 100% editing.

    Can you tell me if he is correct, or can he use my soundcheck premium theme, and edit and change it to suit my needs?

    Thank you

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Any theme can have their CSS stylesheet modified. What cannot be modified are the underlying theme files or PHP files. Please see this Support doc which explains further.

  3. Thank you, Jennifer!

  4. He may not be used to working within the CSS-only editing constraints of, but if all you want to change is the look of the site, not the functionality, he can do it provided he's competent at CSS editing, as any web designer should be.

    If you want to fundamentally change the way the theme works, you will need or a different theme. If you just want to change how it looks, hide columns and metadata, etc, then you should be fine.

  5. Thank you Raincoaster! I just didn't realise these things.......:)

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