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Why did my web page display change?

  1. On my site my display has changed. The page used to extend across most of my screen with just small borders each side when looked at in IE 9 but now it is just a thin strip down the middle and everything looks small at 100%. What could have caused this to happen and how do I correct it?

    Blog url:

  2. I just checked your site, and the width of your pages is 74o pixels, which is the normal width for the theme you are using.

    Could you please try clearing your cache?

  3. I think that I may try changing themes to a get a wide layout, although I still don't know how to get the fonts to display larger without the reader having to zoom the screen display to 125%.

    It also displays the same in Firefox so the problem isn't Internet Explorer

  4. I have cleared my cache and no change with font size. Does it look tiny on your computer paolal?

  5. This is what I see:

    If this is different from what you see, may I ask you to take a screenshot of your browser window and upload it to your Media Library?

  6. Yes that is what I see too. I must be imagining the larger fonts. Maybe my settings have always been at 125% but this is a new computer and I was sure it displayed differently on my old one. Well, thanks for your help and I guess I'd better look for a wider theme as I want it to spread further across the screen. As you can probably tell I don't know anything about web pages so it has been good to use WordPress to set myself up.

  7. You should try our brand new theme: Twenty Eleven

  8. I've been looking at that one :) Looks good

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